Eric Fritter Riley (fritterfae) wrote,
Eric Fritter Riley

New Phone

I got a new phone today. It's an LG sidekick kind of ripoff phone from Verizon. Good part is that I got it for about $20.00 after discounts and rebates. So, go me. It's got the camera thing, video thing, music thing, the internet thing, the full qwerty keyboard built into the inside thing with the flip up side panel and the wider screen. Lots of things...

Pretty nifty.

And it's orange. So I fell in love immediately.

That's about all I've got for today.

Bunch of meetings at work. It was good though. I feel like there's been a positive shift in the community about the shape and design of the new building. The majority of the comments were about a) making the entrance more pronounced and grand and b) making the southern side of the building not look like a prison with the shades. Both were about equally stressed, so I hope the architects all walk away with those concepts deeply entrenched. I'm quite pleased.
Tags: tech, wtd

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