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Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis

Grandiloquent Pontifications from an Eccentric Soul

Eric Fritter Riley
22 April
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I'm a Gay, Pagan, Radical Faerie, Public Librarian. I was born and raised on southern Ohio, lived in Cincinnati for about 6 years, moved to Seattle for 2 years, and have lived in Washington, D.C. since 2002. If I had to categorize my personal blend of Paganism I would say it's a combination of Wicca, Neo-Classicism, Ecstatic Meso-American Shamanism and Radical Faerie two-spirit gender magick. To call me spiritually eclectic is kind of an understatement. I've worked in two university libraries for total 5 years, a college for 1 year, a public library system during a 6 month internship, a federal agency for 4 years, and now I'm working in Public Libraries again.

I talk about all kinds of stuff on this blog, and some of it is personal. If I don't happen to friend you, it's because I don't know you well enough. Nothing personal, just don't want to share the TMI with people I don't know enough to trust. I write a lot, mostly because I have the time to do so. If it bothers you that I post every day and sometimes up to 5-7 times a day then don't friend me.

This journal contains notes, anecdotes, ideas, visions, crazy talk, rituals, photos, journeys, and all kinds of other stuff about me, my life, my work, my soul, my friends, my family, my religion, my hobbies, my store, my politics, my projects, my favorite tv shows, the books I read and just about any other thing I can think of. Enjoy.
activism, alan moore, altars, anime, art, arts and crafts, astronomy, battlestar galactica, bears, bears and cubs, black holes, bluegrass, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, camp, camping, charmed, cincinnati, comic books, comics, cubs, dc, dc radical faeries, dc vertigo, democrats, dian y glas, doctor who, dr. strange, dr. who, drama, dungeons and dragons, esoteric, faeries, farscape, filk, fish, french, frogs, ganesh, gay, gay bears, gay cubs, gay geeks, gay men, gay rights, gay spirituality, gay witchcraft, gravitation, hairy men, harry hay, hellblazer, hiking, homosexual, homosexuality, inuyasha, japanese, japanese horror, john constantine, kabbala, kadokawa shoten, knitting, latin, law and order, librarians, libraries, lucifer, magick, marvel, metaphysical, metaphysics, morris dancing, morrissey, movies, mysticism, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, new age, nudism, occult, omens, pagan, paganism, pagans, pantheism, perfumed bosom of faggotry, philosophy, polyamory, popol vuh, prince of perversion, project runway, promethea, psychic, psychic phenomena, qabalah, queer, queer culture, quetzalcoatl, quilting, raccoons, radical faeries, rapper sword dancing, reading, red dragon, ritual, rome, samurai champloo, sandman, sci fi, sci-fi, sci-fi channel, seattle, seers, sewing, sex magick, shamanism, shonen-ai, sisters of perpetual indulgence, something positive, spirituality, sudoku, supernatural, tarot, tarot decks, tattoos, the wicker man, theology, thoth, tree of life, two spirit, ursula k. leguin, venus, visons, washington, washington dc, weaving, wicca, wiccans, william gibson, witchcraft, witches, y the last man, yaoi, youkai